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10Jan1:17 pmEST

A Mass-Produced Algo Chart

The small caps remain at the core of the bull versus bear debate as we delve further into the winter months of 2017.  Specifically, the recent relative weakness in the Russell 2000 Index has galvanized bears insofar as expecting an imminent market pullback. That may very well materialize, but we need to see the small cap actually break down...

10Jan10:42 amEST

Smelling Rotations to Ensure Survival

If the major averages are going to continue to churn, then bulls likely need to continue the daily theme of sector rotation in order to ensure that bears betting on an imminent market swoon are proven wrong again.  This morning, we have some materials giants like BHP RIO VALE gapping up off the opening bell. As one of our Members noted earlier,...

09Jan3:49 pmEST

Stock Market Recap 01/09/17 {Video}

The following video is a brief, condensed version of the Stock Market Recap which I present each evening to members of Market Chess Subscription Services. In the longer version, I offer tons of actionable trade ideas, educational content, and in-depth objective analysis across all markets. If you enjoy my videos and blog posts, then  please...

09Jan3:37 pmEST

An Apolitical Inauguration Play

Love it, hate it, or phlegmatic to it, the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as forty-fifth President of the United States will take place on Friday, January 20th.  In terms of "Inauguration Day" stock plays, it may be a stretch to overdo it. But MGM does have a brand new property down in Washington Harbor, not far from the White House. In...

09Jan1:07 pmEST

Red and Green, Loud and Clear

The interplay between the U.S. Dollar and precious miners is a bit more pronounced today, with the Dollar ETF (below, on the daily timeframe) dipping below a well-defined rising price channel. In light of the Dollar weakness, precious miners are breathing a more pronounced sigh of relief.  In particular, the higher beta junior gold miners in...

09Jan10:39 amEST

Taylor Ham, Egg, and Biotech on a Roll

Two segments of the market stand out this morning into an otherwise soft open. Both Apple and several of its suppliers, like CRUS, are out of the gate impressively.  But so are select biotechnology issues, namely ARIA EXAS and INCY.  As we know, biotech struggled mightily throughout most of 2016. And if bulls can turn that ship around this year...

08Jan10:43 amEST

Weekend Overview and Analysis 01/08/17 {Video}

The following video is a brief, condensed version of the full-length Weekend Video Strategy Session which I present each weekend to members of Market Chess Subscription Services. In the longer version, I offer tons of actionable trade ideas, educational content, and in-depth objective analysis across all markets. Please click here  for more...

08Jan10:33 amEST

Sunday Matinée at Market Chess Cinemas

I caught the Denzel Washington vehicle, Fences (2016), in a theatre recently. Without question, the film is sure to make a splash during the coming awards season.  Washington directs this character study set in 1950s Pittsburgh amid changing race relations in America. Written by the late-August Wilson, Fences is based on his Pulitzer Prize...

06Jan1:17 pmEST

The Perfect Mask: Eyes Wide Shut for Dow 20,000

All of the eyeballs on Dow 20,000 today may very well be the perfect mask for this throwback or retrace in the gold miners after the progress they made this week.  Specially, in terms of discerning whether we have a quality, lower risk long entry on our hands, we want to gauge how GDX handles the $22 level from which it broke. On the updated...

06Jan10:48 amEST

They Can Almost Smell It

Another immediate smackdown of some opening strength on the indices surely has to be giving bears hope that this particular reversal is the start of something more meaningful. After all, it is the growing conventional wisdom that the market is likely into the inauguration of Donald J. Trump later this month, and then will perhaps sell off only...

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