19Nov11:05 amEST

Lots of Prey Within Sight

Oiod4oW.png Quite a few of my holdings are making big moves this morning. So, let's update that. UGAZ is acting great, with natty sprinting much higher. This one represents a big winner for me now from my $15.28 entry. I am considering taking gains today. Gold miners are getting hit today, as is my NUGT position. But, I got a good entry on it at $14.15. So we will see if it comes back down to it. My FB short is starting to work, with the stock breaking below $74. Here, again, I am considering adding to it. In addition, my FAZ, triple-short financials, positions is acting very well this morning. I have this one for a while from $14.04, and may add to it as well if the weakness in financials persists. We have the FOMC Minutes later today, which may cause more swings in my positions.

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