23May12:56 pmEST

Afternoon Update 05/23/24 {Video}

22May2:18 pmEST

Learn Your LULU Lesson

When shares of Lululemon hit new all-time highs last December 2023 it was quite fashionable for bulls to boast about how LULU was just like COST GOOGL MSFT NVDA and other nonstop, crowded winners who simply could not lose in this market.  Since then, as you can see on the monthly chart for LULU, first below, the stock has tumbled violently...

21May10:40 amEST

Silver's Range Expansion

"If there is a sudden range expansion in a market that has been trading narrowly, human nature is to try to fade that price move. When you get a range expansion, the market is sending you a very loud, clear signal that the market is getting ready to move in the direction of that expansion." -Paul Tudor Jones The monthly chart for the silver...

20May11:30 amEST

The Coast May Never Be Clear

Notoriously full of head-fakes and heartbreaks, commodities can be the most ruthless asset class when it comes to trying to time breakouts. For long periods of time commodities essentially lay dormant. But when they do finally wake up, the momentum can be beyond the comprehension of even the most steadfast of bulls.  All we can do is...

17May12:28 pmEST

Afternoon Update 05/17/24 {Video}

16May2:23 pmEST

Once Again, No Jinx

Another quietly strong day for natural gas, this time after the weekly inventory report, to boot. Even though UNG is well off session highs it is still soundly green as I write this and continues to have a great May.  RRC, below on the daily, is one long idea related to natty with a sound chart.  As for the overall tape, a mild fade is setting...

15May1:06 pmEST

Making Sense of Irrationality

Stocks continue to celebrate virtually any and all news, be it hot prints, cool prints, strong or soft economic data. History tells us we are seeing all of the classic signs of a major market top, from the meme stock squeezes to sentiment, positioning, valuation of a narrow group of leaders, to divergences for years in small caps, transports,...

14May10:53 amEST

Where's My Cheeseballs?

Right now, very few people want to hear that MasterCard and Visa are displaying relative weakness this morning, or that silver and the precious miners are acting well, alongside copper.  No, this market right now conjures up twenty-year old memories of the (original, pre-"Situation") Jersey Shore MTV show starring Tommy Cheeseballs, stomping...

13May11:46 amEST

Stocks Keep Living the Riviera Life

The old timers would say that another round of "meme stonks" like AMC and especially GME blasting off today is a surefire sign of a market top. Of course, many would (and are) counter that we are in a new market, a new world of stocks only going up and any and all dips rendered amazing buying opportunities, where "old timers" are obsolete...

10May2:52 pmEST

Afternoon Update 05/10/24 {Video}

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