30Nov11:51 pmEST

Late Night Strategy for Monday

BfqT7H6CYAA6iqf.jpg-large Futures are soft, and there are several reasons I outlined in my Weekend Market Film Session to be cautious. Nonetheless, if the holiday rally ensues I am still eyeing the casual dining space. BLMN has an improving chart, seen on the daily timeframe, below. Also watch KONA for another entry over $25.80, but be aware it trades thinly. And on the short side, I will likely cover the rest of my triple-short the energy sector play (via long the bear ETF ERY) into a weak open. I am not yet looking at fresh shorts in the energy bounce, opting to wait for a bounce to short back into. However, AAPL and the QQQ are on my radar, finally, for shorts if we see their steep uptrends crack and dip-buyers fail to step in early this week. BLMNKONA

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