23Dec12:48 pmEST

Adding to an Open Position; Chess Moves

5yn016o I added to my existing TBT long just now, at $47.38, after the core $46.46 entry noted in this blog post. My protective stop-loss is still below $45, in the event the trade turns against me. This position now represents roughly 6% of my trading portfolio capital. TBT is the ultra-short ETF for Treasuries. In essence, I am betting against the TLT chart, seen below, with a solid entry last week. I am pressing for TLT to continue to head south after a bounce last Friday and yesterday. I am also playing for the chart to have formed a double-top at the mid-October and mid-December highs, with the bearish reversal "hanging man" candlestick conforming lower. I wil manage the trade as it unfolds, but I do think TBT can hit $50 before I reassess. TLT

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