28Dec11:25 amEST

Seven Stressful Things to Start Ignoring Now

The business of speculation and gambling can often be stressful enough, with large sums of money on the line relative to your net worth and/or desired income. Therefore, as a trader it is even more important than usual to cut out unnecessary sources of stress and toxicity in your life. Courtesy of the Marc and Angel Hack Life blog, here are the seven points to consider ignoring in your life. Please click here for the full thoughts for each point.

1. Blatant negativity.

2. The people who try to dump on everything you do.

3. Other people’s opinions of what’s best for you.

4. That lingering idea of perfection.

5. Ungrateful, materialistic thinking.

6. The idea that everything should be easy.

7. An inner resistance to change.

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