09Jan2:55 pmEST

Back in the Miners; Chess Moves

serkan-ergun_the-world-chess-champions After selling NUGT SLW for wins earlier this week, I just went long JNUG, the triple-long junior gold miner ETF. JNUG is a volatile one, even more than NUGT, for example. Nonetheless, I am impressed with the bears' failure to take down the miners this week after a sharp prior run-up. I am positioning for a secondary leg higher in the precious metals and miners complex in the coming weeks. I would expect the junior gold miners to lead the charge higher. I entered JNUG at $35.59. My protective stop-loss is below $33.50. The position is roughly 4% of my trading capital. More on this in a bit.

Doubling Up on the Bearish A... Glimmer of Shine in the Cold...


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