12Jan2:57 pmEST

The Best Nation in the World is Rotation; Chess Moves

the-fisher-king First and foremost, I scaled off a piece of my UVXY long at at $29.14 from $28.32 entry earlier today noted here. I trailed up my stop-loss to my entry price. Next, I went long USLV at $22.26. USLV is the triple-long silver ETF. With the big run-up in the gold miners today, especially our juniors in JNUG, I am playing for some rotation down to silver to catch a bid in the coming days. My stop-loss is a move below $20.80. On the silver ETF daily chart below (SLV is the straight-up silver ETF), I am playing for the well-defined downtrend line to be broken, finally, to the upside. Some Dollar weakness would not hurt either. This is another highly volatile instrument. But as long as we manage risk effectively and the technical setups are there, I believe they are worth a shot. As always, know your own risk tolerance and do not blindly follow me or anyone else into trades. SLV

More Scaling, More Trailing;... Next Case!


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