12Jan10:34 amEST

Ride the Winners, Cut the Loser; Chess Moves

ChessProblemist On the whole, it is a good morning for my portfolio, with AAL TSLA UAL shorts working nicely to the downside while my JNUG long is moving well upside. However, a sore spot is the performance in natural gas, which stopped me out above $3.60 on the UGAZ ETF for a loss from my $4.07 entry the other day. Natty is a volatile one, and this move down was at the outer limits of the size of losses I typically take. As far as the market as a whole today, the short ideas we looked at in my weekend video, namely AMZN CYBR PCLN, are playing out. Ford is another short setup I have on my radar this morning, provided that the market weakness continues.  

Weekend Video Strategy Sessi... Scale and Trail, Baby. Scale...


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