24Sep2:56 pmEST

Whoever Spoke Last Set Off the Blast

Amid plenty of interesting moves in commodities today, in front of a Yellen speech tonight, natural gas is printing a fairly textbook reversal to the upside after its inventory report this morning. 

Upside follow-through to the bottoming candlestick highlighted with arrows on the ETF daily chart, below, is, of course, necessary (even if not sufficient) for at least some type of tradable bounce in what has been a heartbreaker of a chart for a good while.

A few weeks back, many were talking up a big game about a potential major bottom in natty.

With this in mind, perhaps the price action over the last week below well-defined support (light blue line) or so has served as the final flush of stops before a true rally may ensue. One thing is for sure--It has been a long time coming for natty and its seemingly endless march lower since its 2008 peak. 

Any stop-losses likely belong not far below today's lows, in order to prevent against getting bruised by another leg down. 

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