28Jan3:05 pmEST

Pick a Side to Win Out

Into the final hour of trading, and in front of AMZN and Visa earnings tonight, the small caps in the Russell 2000 Index are flattish, even flirting with red, while the big Nasdaq stocks are still up handily. 

Biotechnology also remains very weak, while sectors like the financials and semis turn in very ho-hum days. 

On the 10-minute chart of the relative strong QQQ (ETF of the Nasdaq-100), below, we can see the price swings since the FOMC Announcement yesterday afternoon. 

The upside breakout move over $102 over the last half-hour was faded, but bears have not exactly pressed them lower, either, leading to some short-term grinding action. 

So we have a mixed bag on our hands, but Nasdaq bulls are looking to build on the resurgent FANG strength into another round of big earnings tonight. 

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