01Feb12:43 pmEST

Someone Talked!

Stocks failed to follow-through on some boucle attempts this morning, as bulls and the potential to really trap in bears shorting the weak open. True, FB GOOGL NFLX PCLN TSLA are firmly in the green here, but below the surface not much else is moving with upside energy.

Speaking of energy, another issue this afternoon will be whether the crude oil weakness is now exclusive of stocks, or instead if the correlation is still there and will eventually bring down equities. 

TWTR is holding most of its early gains, and may be a day-trade long idea back over $18.35 today. 

Meanwhile, a common theme which is now becoming very popular and widely-discussed is the emergence of "safe stocks," such as staples, utilities, REITs, etc.. 

We discussed AWK as an intriguing utility/water play for Members and on this site in recent weeks. However, with so many eyes on it and such an obvious safe play, note how the chart, below, looks to be going short-term parabolic to the upside. 

I would not be surprised to see the safety trade unravel a bit this week to keep some longs honest. 

All Eyes on Prior Support Over-Under on the Half Under...


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