20Apr12:58 pmEST

Alternatives to Funyuns, Easy Cheese, and Bugles on 4/20

In lieu of the usual "munchies" on 4/20, fast food plays SONC and WEN appear to be setting up nicely on daily timeframes, below. Note the surge in recent months, followed by an orderly drift down to their respective 20-day moving averages over the last few weeks. If we see some rotation away from MCD down to other fast food plays, these two look as viable as any. Of course, there is always private equity takeover scenarios, much like has happened with Burger King over the years. 

Elsewhere, stocks as a whole are still drifting up, while crude and energy stocks are inflicting a pretty obvious "pain trade" on shorts at this point. I have no intention of trying to fade that at the moment. 

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