07May6:53 pmEST

Saturday Night at Market Chess Cinemas

On this Mother's Day Weekend, one of the more common points of feedback I receive from female readers is that the weekend film recommendations are almost never anything remotely resembling a  "Chick Flick."

So let's tackle that issue tonight, with Next Stop Wonderland (1998), a very underrated and under-watched film which is certainly worth a viewing, female or not. This one is a decidedly un-cheesy romantic comedy, starring the talented Hope Davis as the quintessential smart, confident, cool girl, and great catch in Boston, going through the trials and tribulations of dating and life. 

The fact that two Hollywood stars, namely the late-Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robert Klein, appeared in this film, which only cost $1 million to make, speaks to the quality of the writing and overall project. 

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