20May12:46 pmEST

With This Market, You'll Need a Certain Zen

The day-to-day whipsaw continues for equities, as bulls seize back the initiative today even if more work is ahead of them next week into the Memorial Day weekend. 

For now, we are focusing on some special situations seemingly obvious to the chop, as well as to the Dollar, which I will update for Members in my regular Midday Video coming up.

Beyond that, this market challenges you on a mental level in a manner far more stringently than plenty of other markets in recent memory. The best way to counter this chop is through supreme risk discipline and control over one's temperament. 

Should we see a strong close today and some more upside next week, an underrated tech play like Zendesk is on the long radar.

On the daily chart, below, note today's surge out of the highlighted consolidation as price has been basing above all moving averages. 

To be sure, you need a good deal of zen in this market. And you may need some ZEN, too, if bulls do not fumble this time.

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