29Jun3:44 pmEST

A False Sense of Safety

The lurch toward U.S. Treasuries after the Brexit fallout may prove to have been simply just that--An emotional knee-jerk reaction which is soon short-lived. 

Recall that the market in recent months has been putting the Fed to the test, exposing Yellen and company for being mostly controlled by market movements rather than a clear-cut plan grounded in disciplined economic analysis. 

When the Brexit fog clears, at least as far as the U.S. market is concerned, Treasuries may come back down to test the Fed's resolve.

Alternatively, a more bullish forecast for stocks and crude oil may see Treasuries pull back, too. 

Either way, TLT is showed some cracks since my blog post, where we looked for the crude/equities strength to eventually see an unwind in Treasuries. 

I will flesh out this topic, and where to go from here, for Members after the bell in the full-length video recap. 

Gobbling Up the Oil Spill Stock Market Recap 06/29/16 ...


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