01Feb3:23 pmEST

Too Perfect for a Twin Winklevii Top

With a fairly muted reaction so far to The Fed, the focus shifts to Facebook earnings tonight (among others), and then Amazon tomorrow. 

Regarding FB, we are still talking about a bonafide market leader which has displayed remarkable resilience time and time again since its seminal moment in 2013 when the stock woke up from its post-IPO slumber. 

Recently, the stock rallied from a correction late-last year, back up to prior highs. Bears will argue this amounts to a double-top, but the evidence is just not there yet and would likely require some harsh selling sooner rather than later. 

Thus, even as the small caps lag, some major Nasdaq names like FB (and the AAPL/Dow rally) are certainly doing their best to keep the bull case intact. Tonight's earnings carry additional weight given the sluggish action in many parts of the market today. 

See you after the bell for my recap. 

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