22Apr5:01 pmEST

Saturday Night at Market Chess Cinemas

Long-time readers will recall (no pun intended) that I have previously alluded to the film Memento (2000) in my substantive blog posts about the market as a way to magnify the manner in which stocks would seem to move day-to-day with seemingly no memory. 

In light of that, let us examine the film itself tonight, which is certainly a worthwhile endeavor given that it is a high quality production and merits a viewing. 

Starring Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Joe Pantoliano, Memento explores the twists and turns which take place when a man (Pearce) searching for his wife's murderer struggle with his short-term memory loss. Without question, the way in which he seeks to overcome his condition adds to the suspense of the film. 

Both Pearce and Pantoliano are two of the better character actors in Hollywood, even to this day. So it is refreshing to see them share the spotlight in more prominent roles for a very good film. 

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