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Saturday Night at Market Chess Cinemas

End of Watch (2012) stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña as two LAPD officers who work in south central Los Angeles as partners. Not only is the film entertaining, moving at a steady pace, but it is also refreshing in that it deviates from the path many films take.

Specifically, while plenty of films focus on police corruption--including some noteworthy, quality films and some not even close to being worthy of a mention--this one instead focuses on police procedure and two gritty, ultimately admirable cops.

Most scenes in the film focus on their day-to-day police work, dealing with local and known offenders, as well as their own friendship which is on par with them being brothers. There is also a self-reflexive component to the film, Gyllenhaal's character is filming himself and his peers in various scenes.  

Despite the very notion of police in America becoming a hot-button issue in recent years, if you can take a step back and enjoy this solid film it should be well worth the viewing. 

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