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Oh, Those Sneaky Canadian Loan Sharks!

Beyond the standard tickers plenty of traders focus on, inside Market Chess Subscription Services we like to put in the work to ferret out some under-the-radar plays. Note that we do this for a variety of sectors and even asset classes. 

Thus, with the strength in the precious mining complex today, likely part of a rush to safety one the last twenty-four hours or so, it is worth discussing some miners which are not typically part of the discussion for the majority of traders. 

Indeed, if this move in gold is something beyond yet another North Korea scare which abates in due time (before the next one comes), then it will be well worth the effort have a few go-to gold miners on hand to play along. Earlier today on social media, I posted a multi-year chart of GLD, ETF for gold bullion itself.

Quite simply, the precious metals and miners have been mired in a bear market since 2011/12 but also stopped going down in early-2016. 

As a result, there remains a viable case that all of the tedious, grinding price action of late in the space may be setting up a explosion higher into Labor Day and beyond. Also note that if gold does resolve higher, it will do so under the cover of darkness since so many speculators enamored with the cryptocurrencies, which may add to the bullish nature of the move with so few people on board.

First things first, though, and we need to see the yellow metal and its miner buddies sustain a rally for more than day or two.

If that happens, Sandstorm Gold Limited (SAND), below on the daily chart, is a Vancouver-based firm engaged in providing financing to mining companies. Earnings are out of the way for SAND, and the chart is clearing its 200-day moving average with a bit more conviction today. SAND clearly qualifies as an under-the-radar miner we like to keep tabs on if gold is on the move for something more than standard saber-rattling. 

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