05Oct3:46 pmEST

New Retail Leaders Are No Joke

While it may be enjoyable to poke fun at the notion of discount stores emerging as new retail leaders, the reality is that names like FIVE OLLI, even DG DLTR have all been acting notably well of late, ignoring the department store shellackings we saw with JCP JWN M, to boot. 

Regarding Five Below, the zoomed-out daily chart shows a strong breakout new highs, holding very well as price becomes acclimated to the fresh new surroundings. 

These emerging new batch of retail leaders could easily continue to benefit as the novelty of shopping in person for fun discounted items serves as the much-needed in-person experience which online does not provide--It's just that the experience will come at a much cheaper and benign price point than the aspiration high end retailers ever wanted to envisions. 

Either way, FIVE is certainly a name to watch into year-end. 

As for the market at-large, the QQQ breakout today is what bulls wanted to see in order to keep the rotation pump flowing. 

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