14Nov3:38 pmEST

Lovely Animals, and I Ain't Talking About Coconut Crabs

Coconut crabs are grabbing international headlines in recent days for a variety of reasons (e.g. Amelia Earhart), some conjuring up gory through which do not need to be repeated here. 

Fortunately, we can entertain more pleasant thoughts about domesticated pets and their hot stocks, like BUFF (pet food) and TRUP (health insurance for pets), respectively on their daily charts, below, as one of our Members astutely flagged to me yesterday. 

Note how both are flexing this week, BUFF today and TRUP yesterday, amid a sluggish overall tape short-term. -

We all know pet owners love to spend money on their pets--Even splurging as a substitute for authentic human interaction in this day and age of declining social norms. 

Hence, the bull thesis makes sense beyond the charts. And I would not be surprised at all to see larger insurance firms make a play for TRUP, or larger food firms at BUFF. 

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