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Winging it This NFL Super Bowl Run

Without question, this time of year leading up to the many Super Bowl parties to be had is peak chicken wing season. 

Of course, this year we must assess the issue of whether the rather controversial season the NFL is having will negatively impact ratings for this coming Championship Sunday, and then two weeks from now with the Super Bowl. 

It seems reasonable to expect some of the continued year-over-year drop-off we have seen in ratings for the NFL of late. There is small segment of viewers who are simply done with the NFL for the time being, and will need to see some major changes in order for them to come back.

But for most people, these big NFL playoff games serve as significant events during what has been a cold, snowy winter thus far. In other words, I suspect we will still see massive chicken wing consumption over the next three weekends. 

And when you consider that Buffalo Wild Wings is not longer publicly traded on a standalone basis, as it was already gobbled up by Roark Capital around last Thanksgiving, that leaves with with Wingstop as a major chicken wing player. 

On the WING daily chart, below, we have the makings of a smooth, strong uptrend. This is actually one of the better restaurant charts in the entire sector, as price has been making higher highs and higher lows to little fanfare. This is also a low float/heavily-shorted stock, making it ripe for a sharp squeeze if bulls force bears on the run. 

However, perhaps above all else a WING long here may serve as a bet than the NFL gets a season-ending reprieve as we enter the championship stretch, where the weather outside is conducive to people enjoying the games and eating Super Bowl grub even as the NFL has had a season it would soon forget. 

Technically, bulls want to clear $45 above while also holding $43 as support, below. 

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