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Your Money or Your Life? A Stock Only Jack Benny Could Love

Much of legendary comedian Jack Benny's schtick often revolved around him being a miser, as heard in this classic audio clip

Ollie's Bargain Outlet seems like the exact type of retail stock Mr. Benny's persona would have loved, as their slogan is "Get Good Stuff Cheap!". In addition, the stock itself has been a long-time favorite of ours on this site, as we have been tracking its progress amid a sloppy market since late-January. 

And despite initially gapping down hard after earnings last week, when we update the daily chart, below, it is hard not to see that OLLI continues to dazzle. 

We also looked at OLLI as a very early-stage, baby version of Costco. Under that premise, if we do see some inflationary shocks down the road to the economy then I suspect OLLI may very well prove to be one of the retail standouts in that scenario, too, not unlike COST was during the inflationary head-fake in the first half of 2008. 

Either way, OLLI remains front and center as one of several impressive retail names refusing to roll back over, let alone correct sharply for more than a quick blip, in the face corrective broad market action. 

As for the tape at-large today, with two consecutive afternoon fades the last two trading sessions (last Friday, then yesterday) failing to sustain downside momentum, I suspect bears will become panicky if there is no reprieve for them this afternoon. 

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