13Jun1:12 pmEST

Do Not Nuke the Nukes Yet

(Pictured above, Julius Robert Oppenheimer, often known as father of the atomic bomb)

The fact that a stock like Cameco, updated below on its daily chart, not only failed to swoon in the face of the recent Trump/North Korea headlines signaling a major global development in peace, but is actually coiling and ripe for an explosion (er, breakout) above $12 has me all the more enticed to take a stab at CCJ sooner than later.

Indeed, when a stock or group of stocks (See Also: UEC UUUU) fail to sell off when they seemingly could or even should, it has me looking at them in an even more bullish light, especially when you consider the overall bullish context CCJ has been operating in for parts of 2018. Any way you slice it, CCJ has been in a powerful uptrend since April and is showing no signs of slowing down despite the news flow. 

While some of the smaller uranium miners are always attractive due to their high beta nature and potential for massive moves in a short period of time, I will stick to CCJ as it is one of the larger, more liquid issues with the best technical setup of them all, to boot. 

Either way, do not nuke the nukes, quite yet, based on the North Korea news. 

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