27Nov10:54 amEST

Shop 'til You Drop; Chop 'til You Drop

Despite some more tough trade war talk by President Trump last evening after the closing bell, specifically directed at Apple, the Nasdaq looks to be doing a fair amount of heavy lifting this morning in an otherwise choppy tape. 

While the SPY (S&P 500 Index's ETF) is still trying to decisively leave $267 in the dust to sustain a relief rally, QQQ (the top weighted stocks in the Nasdaq) has done an admirable job this morning of not losing $162, below.

We looked at both of those levels, on the SPY and QQQ, yesterday for Members as useful points of reference going forward to make the market action much more tangible than simply guessing based on inherently subjective sentiment data, for example. 

As for specific ideas, I need to see bulls avoid the late-day fade to really get behind the notion of swinging more aggressively, beyond the couple of toes I currently have in the water. Still, bulls must start somewhere. And with the Black Friday/Cyber Monday distractions out of the way now, simply avoiding an immediate giveback to yesterday's rally would qualify as a baby step in the right direction. 

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