28Nov10:57 amEST

Health Scares Be Darned: Chipotle is Back

Brian Niccol, Chipotle Mexican Grill's CEO since February, has impressed the market enough to the point where the stock essentially did not even flinch during this autumnal correction. The restaurant company's digital strategy, above all else, figures to be at the heart of the future growth prospects. 

But, let us not beat around the bush either, Chipotle simply must move on and improve from the series of, well, disgusting health issues the company faced at its various locations in recent years. Mr. Niccol, with his extensive experience in the restaurant industry at Taco Bell, looks to be as capable as any executive at turning around a once-dominant franchise. 

On the CMG daily chart, updated below, the stock is exuding relative and absolute strength again this morning even as the small caps try to bring the market down. On the other hand, bulls are pinning their hopes on the positive earnings' reaction to CRM NTNX in tech as we head towards Fed Chair Powell's remarks at high noon in New York. 

As long as the broad market an at least knock out some type of tradable range down here versus its October lows, CMG is emerging as a former leader gone bad, then good again, as the firm has been galvanized by better leadership. 

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