27Dec3:42 pmEST

Friendly Reminder: Don't Be a Blaster

One of the core concepts we preach inside Market Chess Subscription Services is to not give in to the temptation to blast "all-in" long or short to a given market based on a whim. 

To be sure, when the price action is intense it can elicit strong emotions from market players (the human ones, of course), as is our nature. But we must resist the idea that we choose between being fully bullish or fully bearish at any given moment. 

And when we factor in a corrective market like the one we have seen for weeks if not months now, the severity of the price swings is just baiting many a market player into being chopped to pieces, not just financially but also emotionally due to the violent reversals all the way around. 

Hence, we preach the strategy of methodically legging in to long and short exposure alike. If there is a sustained trend to be had in the coming quarters, we should have time to gradually increase risk along the way. 

But in the current market, blasting all-in long or short during the seemingly random swings even of these holiday trading sessions is a good way to find yourself out of financial bullets and confidence to trade the next meaty trend, whenever that may come. 

Don't be a blaster: It looks and feels great when it works but ultimately raises your portfolio risk of ruin to levels most cannot handle. 

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