04Jan3:50 pmEST

Wild Card Weekend for a Wild Card Market

We are seeing some big-time moves higher in many growth stocks today, namely the enterprise software issues but also squeezes in beaten-down names like GPRO SNAP X. 

By now, we are conditioned to more or less expect a huge gap down on Sunday evening in the futures to keep everyone honest. But given that sentiment today seems skewed towards a bit of surprise as many traders, myself included, are vastly under-exposed on the long side to this rally, it would not come as much of a shock if we actually follow-through higher next week, or perhaps simply market time sideways for a day or two first.

Either way, this market stresses the importance of staying agile on a daily basis--heck, even on an hourly basis, as well as not feeling compelled to blast all-in long or short to the market at any given moment, given the violent swings we have seen and may continue to see.

A name like GLUU is just one example of the types of relative strength charts we will highlight for Members over the weekend in preparation for next week.  

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