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Beyond Meat: Ingredients for a New Fad Stock?

Taken directly from the Beyond Meat website, the supposedly "healthy" alternative to real beef burger patties features an ingredient list, above, full of easily-rancid vegetable oils and various starches shown to spike blood sugar in most people. 

Whether or not you believe this product is truly a healthier alternative to real beef is a topic for debate among those who study nutrition.

But as BYND shines in its IPO today in the face of a soft tape, it is important to remember that even a food stock like Beyond Meat has the potential to become a "fad stock" capable of astounding gains in a short period of time. 

Thus, the take-home lesson from this blog post, especially directed at those in the carnivore/meat-based diet camps, is to divorce your nutritive beliefs from the stock market, at least for now. Longer-term, it remains to be seen which way the winds of nutrition will blow, although I suspect the low fat/high carb advice/pyramids from the government in the 1990s will not be a mistake repeated again anytime soon. 

In the short-term, however, BYND is just as capable of a momentum run as any other fad coming to market for its IPO. 

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