01Apr11:59 amEST

Still Gotta Get Groceries

Although this market remains a wild indecisive and volatile beast, complete with massive overnight swings, there is at least some semblance of a market attempting to be efficient when it comes to pricing in the extended quarantine across the country. Regional and smaller grocers like SFM (below on its daily chart), IMKTA and WMK are all working higher nicely today despite the deep red indices. True, some notable Nasdaq names are green and trying to buck the trend, be it JD or ZS.

However, with the market and economy's looming problem spots having a deep red day, be it cruse lines CCL NCLH RCL, or BA, and of course the casinos now looking at a six week total shutdown of the Las Vegas Strip for example, I will stay defensive and focus mostly on quarantine beneficiaries for my longs like the grocers. 

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