15Jun10:51 amEST

The Summer of PPE as America Burns

With good fortune, the latest concern about upticks in Coronavirus cases across several states will not lead to equally widespread hospitalizations and deaths. 

But even if that optimistic scenario materializes, the mere threat of it is likely enough to see PPE-related firms (with PPE an acronym standing for Personal protective equipment, worn to minimize exposure to hazards) fare well. And that goes double for a morning like we are having in equities today, with the pandemic-related names in general which thrived into the teeth of the March downtrend now perking up here, such as PTON TDOC ZM WTRH, among others. 

Lakeland Industries (LAKE), is a small-cap company that provides protective clothing, including face masks, disposable protective clothing, and chemical protective suits. On the LAKE daily chart, updated below, the recent earnings surge is consolidating nicely in the form of a tight pennant. APT is a comparable name and is also faring well this morning. 

And, need I add, police and all peace officers at this point will likely need extra PPE themselves throughout the summer if violent protests continue to persist as the heat turns up in all facets in the coming weeks and months. 

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