22Jul11:28 amEST

A Bull Market in Broscience

Ironically, Muscle Maker, Inc. (GRIL) trades small (low-priced, and less than $19 million market cap) and thin (light average daily volume), standing in stark contract to its many patrons who would love nothing more than to bulk up with "gainz," adhering to the philosophy of "broscience."

However, beyond its core retail storefront business, GRIL offers a meal plan delivery service, which places it within the purview of the general meal kit delivery plays in light of the ongoing pandemic and various state restrictions. With plays like WTRH surging again today, food/meal kit delivery seems to be a continued beneficiary of this cycle, and perhaps beyond. 

On the GRIL daily chart, updated below, today's slow price action in the overall market has me looking at more speculative plays like this, as the stock carves out a potential long base bottom. 

Speaking of speculative plays, I am still eyeing police body camera play DGLY if it can hold over $3.60 and push back towards $3.70 today. 

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