23Jul11:22 amEST

You Really Can Privatize the TSA, After All

As it turns out, in this pandemic world we may very well have a similar lingering reaction as we did after 9/11. 

Specifically, going through airport TSA checks became an uncomfortable but accepted part of the flying process. There was some buzz after 9/11 that the TSA might be privatized, and individual screeners themselves are hired by private security firms, but all of the employees ultimately fall under the purview of the airport federal security director. Hence, TSA remains a federal government creature. 

Regarding the virus, we figure to be headed towards a privatized version of the TSA, sometimes seen at concerts or sporting events. This time around, however, we are not screening for terrorists running into cockpits so much as people running a fever in fear of carrying the CoronaVirus. 

Hence, with Congress set to decrease some add-on unemployment money, folks will need to get back to work and we simply must carry on with life on some level. Heading out to bars, restaurants, movie theaters, sporting events, concerts, shopping malls, etc. may come with the hassle of waiting in line for a quick digital thermal temperature check. And that is why a play like Remark Media (MARK), as small and speculative as it may be, remains a must-watch. 

On the updated MARK daily chart, below, the Nasdaq-listed small cap is trying to clear the highlighted descending triangle, bouncing off the often-overlooked 100-day moving average (gray-ish line). FRSX is another play to keep on watch. 

Also note that even if a vaccine or therapeutic does definitively materialize in 2020, there are still a myriad of issues regarding 1) Distribution to a country of our size (and who gets priority) 2) Price (bound to be hefty at first), and 3) Widespread acceptance by the citizenry to actually take said medications. 

As a result, digital thermal technology seems more and more like an old-fashioned American compromise going forward if we are to open life back up as we know it. 

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