28Jul10:56 amEST

Don't Discriminate Against Lake People

It is often said that in Florida, for example, there is a huge cultural divide between folks living on the ocean versus inland folks living near some of the many lakes in the state.

Hence, the "ocean people versus lake people" meme takes on a life of its own, at times. Personally, I like both, especially a nice clean lake for swimming or a relatively calm ocean. 

Be that as it may, let us not forget about (speaking of Florida) the virus-related plays. 

Lakeland Industries, with the unforgettable LAKE ticker, is a PPE name I am still long as it tries to finally emerge this morning from the highlighted daily chart consolidation, below. 

$23.50 was the initial level I wanted seen cleared. Now, if the stock can hold $24 to sustain the initial strength it could easily bring in some pre-FOMC hot money buyers searching for action as the gold, silver, and Bitcoin all scream near-term very overbought. 

Other virus plays to note: APT CODX OPK. 

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