10Aug10:26 amEST

The New Reality of Big City Life

Since the surge in big city crime, protests, even riots, since just about Memorial Day, we have been looking for shares of ShotSpotter (SSTI) inside Market Chess Subscription Services to eventually get going. As often happens on Wall Street, though, it took the latest earnings report to wake the name up.

Now that SSTI is clearly in play as an intriguing name related to a likely new era of police work and big city life, we simply must stalk the chart as it digests last week's massive rally. 

For reference, ShotSpotter uses acoustic sensors that are strategically placed in an array of approximately twenty sensors per square mile. Software is used to classify an event as a potential gunshot, and thus alerting officers on the beat of shots fired. This sort of technology may alleviate at least some concerns that big city cops are out to get minority-dominated parts of town, for example. It also streamlines some of the officers' work and may be a more efficient alternative especially if police budgets continue to get cut nationwide. Obviously, police as a whole cannot be defunded for SSTI's sake. 

But with top and bottom line earnings beats, the market is not worried about that anymore. ShotSpotter is an up-and-coming speculative play (due to thinner volume). And I want to see a bull flag early this week above $30 to stay constructive for a long entry. 

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