15Sep10:17 amEST

Ironically, We Can't Do the Wave if We Get Another Wave

This morning was one of those sunrises in the northeast where it felt like a more definite change in the seasons. A chilly morning presages the coming autumn and wintry weather, and the holidays will be here before you know it. 

In this particular means, the cold weather conjures up visions of a "second wave" of the Coronavirus pandemic, rhyming with what we saw back in 1918. 

The above chart perfectly illustrates this point, with the colder weather throughout autumn yielding (or merely correlating with, to be fair) a devastating second wave over one hundred years ago. 

I recognize the current pandemic is different in many respects from the Spanish Flu. But the general risk is there--We all pretty much have pandemic fatigue at this point, just in time for the colder weather to catch many people off-guard. 

With this in mind, i view ABT as a sound play in front of October 15th earnings. The large cap, rapid virus testing play has already inked deals with the Trump Administration and figures to be a prominent testing player this autumn whether a true second wave materializes (in which case we can all forget about doing or seeing fans actually do "the wave" in sports stadiums through 2021, at least). 

Some more speculative plays like CODX are always on the radar, too. But you can see how sound the ABT chart is on the daily timeframe, below, coiled up and perhaps ready for another go at it higher yet. 

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