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I cannot, in good faith, recommend that you watch Showtime's television series, "Dexter," which ran from 2006 through a downright awful final season into 2013.

In fact, the final season was so bad that Showtime recently announced a revival of sorts, with a ten-episode limited return, to essentially try and wipe the bitter taste of one of the most disappointing endings to an otherwise-solid series. 

Overall, "Dexter" had its moments early on, with the credit mostly going to its star, Michael C. Hall. Hall has a background as a New York stage actor, with exquisite attention to his craft and an ability to piggyback the rest of his cast which, in this series, was generally serviceable, at best. 

On that note, I most certainly can recommend Hall's prior work, the HBO series, "Six Feet Under," which ran from 2001-2005. 

That show stands in stark contrast to "Dexter,' mostly due to its ending.

Whereas "Dexter" had, easily, one of the worst endings (of any show which has worth watching to begin with, and "Dexter" did indeed fall into that category), "Six Feet Under" arguably had one of, if not the, best endings you will ever see to a series. 

The show is gripping, original, provocative, and brilliantly acted all the way around, including Hall's remarkable character arc. 

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