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Here's to New Years, New Opportunities

Although the mere flipping of a calendar page and the seemingly arbitrary act of adding a different digit to the end of the current year may seem like a vastly overblown event, the perspective that a new year brings should drive home some overarching points about life. Time is, indeed, of the essence for all of us, regardless of how much we appreciate and respect that fact. 

Thus, as 2021 approaches during this low volume final trading session of 2020, we all have an opportunity for the proverbial clean slate in markets. That also means how you approach markets and trading individually.

We all strive to act perfectly into the new year ("new year, new me!"). However, oftentimes it is what we do not do, the omissions, which can be just as if not more significant to our lives. The omission of excessive alcohol, for example, can be very helpful to you in the new year, depending on your background with booze. Or, perhaps, cutting out toxic people from your lives can improve your focus and trading in markets, immensely. 

While anything is certainly possible in markets, a lesson driven home countless times this year, I expect 2021 to see unique shifts across a variety of stocks, sectors, and asset class at-large. We have discussed these concepts with Members and will continue to do so as the new year gets underway next week--Recall that most years it usually takes until the middle of January to get a full read on how major market players are positioning themselves for the year. 

For now, enjoy the fact that we made it through a remarkable year all the way around. Happy new year to you and yours! 

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