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Hippies Grew Old and Started Working for the Man, Man

If you have ever been to Amsterdam, then consider that America may very well be on her way to a modified version of the famous Dutch city, at least with respect to many urban areas.

As pot and various other drugs become increasingly legalized, the prospect now of Democrats controlling most or all of Washington in the coming years could easily see tax-and-revenue windfall industries like recreational drugs and regulated sex work (as a counter to the plethora of sex trafficking investigative work we have seen over the years by journalists) become both increasingly legalized and normalized sooner than many think. 

On the back of the Warnock victory in Georgia last evening, and the potential for an Ossoff victory, too, pot stocks and many pot-related names are rallying sharply this morning. 

The standard pot plays like ACB CGC CRON TLRY are up, as well as plays related to growing the actual herb like GRWG SMG. And then there is the SSPK SPAC shooting the moon, too. 

In addition, some pot-related beverage plays like DTEA and NBEV, below on its daily chart, are worth looks here as the sector may be on the cusp of its next meaningful leg higher. 

The 1960s hippies are old now, and they seemed to have gone corporate in their twilight years with the vast array of pot-related names reacting favorably to a more leftist federal government apparently on the horizon. 

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