28Jan10:29 amEST

The Next Frontier for WallStreetBets

Just as quickly as the likes of the AMC BB GME squeezes, and more, have stolen the spotlight not just in the finance arena but, frankly, on a national and even international news basis, some predictable turmoil struck this morning as various brokers, namely Robinhood, blocked users from purchasing new shares of the high-flying squeeze plays. The non-confrontational, non-shady reason why this occurred is that the brokers themselves determined they were too much at risk with their clients' margin accounts and what not. Of course, there are plenty of skeptics about said argument, and a line of reasoning which states that the brokers should simply suck it up in this scenario, too. 

Either way, AMC and BB are getting walloped as we speak, while GME is hanging tough.

But the WallStreetBets crew may have already moved on to their next thesis, anyway. 

The vaunted silver market with this dark history of being cornered and constant doubts about whether large banks (ahem, John Pierpont...) keeping the price of silver down for long periods of time artificially.

If that trade materializes after this initial pop, WPM makes sense as a beaten-down larger cap miner, seen on the first daily weekly, below. Note how Wheaton is revering higher here right where it needs to, off prior major support.

And if you want heavy type of action, GPL is a penny stock but trades with good volume, on the second daily chart, below. That one seems like it can be a ten bagger if the same WallStreetBets magic carries over into the silver space. 

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