08Nov10:32 amEST

The O'Chess Factor

You do not need me to discuss politics. And it is something I have little interest in doing, quite frankly. 

That said, one cannot ignore reality--We have the midterm elections today. And with a Biden White House alongside quite a few highly powerful, visible Democrat players in Congress (Pelosi, Schumer, just to name a few), the issue is whether a GOP victory tonight, by and large, will be market moving or not.

Indeed, that is our focus here--Viewing politics through the lens of actionable market analysis. In other words, you do not need me copying and pasting Bloomberg or mainstream news headlines to troll for cheap followers on Twitter. 

Historically, markets adore gridlock in DC, meaning the GOP and Democrats merely butt heads with little actually getting done. This way, the market reckons, there is less chance for regulations with nasty unintended consequences and overall deleterious effects on markets and/or the economy. 

I recognize that is a cynical way of viewing politicians and politics in general. But that is typically how it goes. 

Of course, you can always just key off the U.S. Dollar, too, as we have been suggesting. A weak Dollar, as we are seeing this morning again, offsets LYFT TSLA weakness, CVNA halted yesterday, higher rates since last week, and any other risk factor right now.

That, alone, should be seen a valuable information and may very well supersede all of the headlines and drama. 

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