27Nov10:06 amEST

You Can't Take a Picture of This

"You can't take a picture of this, it's already gone." - Nate Fisher, Six Feet Under

The gold and silver metals are on the move higher this morning, as most folks are off enjoying Cyber Monday shopping online and/or still in a food coma or hangover from Thanksgiving weekend. 

But while holiday trading kicks into gear, we do have a serious question to ask: Are gold and silver already gone, after years of sideways action?

On the SLV monthly chart, below, which is the ETF for the silver metal, we can see more than three years of sideways action. For that reason, inside the service with Members I have traded the precious metals/miners as sparsely as I have in over a decade.  

On shorter-term timeframes, however, the precious metals are clearly on the move higher, including this morning's strength in the face of a soft market in equities. All of this adds up to a strongly bullish November candlestick for silver, with just a few days left before it is officially completed by Thursday's closing bell. 

While the moves are surely exciting for gold bugs and the like, I still want to see the precious miners derived from gold and silver catch the excitement, too. Specifically, GDX over $30, and holding above it, and GDXJ holding over $36, are some minimum thresholds to have me thinking the move in the precious complex is legitimate and has legs. 

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