26Dec2:02 pmEST

Putting Out a BOLO This Week

I am putting out a BOLO this week. 

Used mostly by law enforcement, BOLO is an acronym that means "be on the lookout."

And when we note that this final holiday week of the calendar year tends to, usually quite handily, be the lightest trading volume days of the year, we simply must be aware of trading stocks which normally are not considered super thin volume suddenly trading lightly. 

The reason for this concern is that we do not want to find ourselves trapped in illiquid positions, especially if something drastic happens and the stocks moves sharply against us. 

As a basic example, oil is running today, with the oil services names in the OIH ETF leading. 

Nabors, below on the daily chart, is one such example. A "catch up" play to its OIH buddies, the volume so far today is fairly light for a name which has been around the block for quite some time in the energy patch. 

There are many other examples, of course, and some more extreme than NBR. But hopefully you can see what I am getting at, for those sticking and splashing around during this shortened week. 

Merry Christmas to You from ... I Feel Sorry for Your Latte


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