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28Apr12:20 pmEST

The Clock is Ticking

Working our way into the east coast lunch hour, note that crude oil, keying off the USO ETF, is not showing much urgency to rally over its $20.20 upside breakout level even as the U.S. Dollar continues to weaken, amid other headlines. The clock sure does seem to be ticking at this point for crude bulls to sustain another leg higher. Failure...

28Apr9:50 amEST

Going for the Big One

Apple is reversing down sharply as I write this, after earnings and what appeared to be some mild strength in pre-market trading.  On the updated daily chart, below, note the prior highs asserting themselves, likely adding pressure to some initial selling here. Apple selling off on such big numbers would likely portend some more weakness going...

27Apr5:09 pmEST

Stock Market Recap 04/27/15 {Video}

The following video is a brief, condensed version of the Stock Market Recap which I present each evening to members of Market Chess Subscription Services . In the longer version, I offer tons of actionable trade ideas, educational content, and in-depth objective analysis across all markets. Please click here  for more details about...

27Apr3:08 pmEST

Free and Clear Above

Here is a look at Apple into the big earnings reports tonight gapping free and clear above its upper daily chart Bollinger Band just under its prior highs. The stock is now clearly overbought into earnings, as the market is reversing lower a bit, and biotechs getting hit especially.  Also note the upside reversal in precious metals and miners,...

27Apr12:19 pmEST

Due for a Joyride

Even as biotechnology issues get hit, by and large, off the CLDN monstrous gap down, momentum money is giving it a valiant go with TSLA, and even AAPL before earnings tonight. Regarding Tesla, on the daily chart, below, you can see the momentum darling rallying back up to both its declining 200-day moving average (yellow line) and punching up...

27Apr9:34 amEST

Just Because They're Fun Doesn't Mean They're Not Bombs

CLDN is down roughly 75% this morning, which is a good reminder of the inherent risks in the biotechnology sector, even in what has been a biotech-centric bull run over the past few years.  To be sure, there are still actionable long setups we are stalking in the biotech space. But even mighty names like BLUE JUNO appear to be getting hit off...

26Apr2:21 pmEST

Weekend Overview and Analysis 04/26/15 {Video}

***TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT, the introductory discount for  Market Chess Subscription Services  will expire. Be sure to take advantage of receiving three months off, by choosing the Annual rate*** Please click here  for more details about joining Market Chess Subscription Services The following video is a brief, condensed version of the...

26Apr11:14 amEST

Another Big Week of Heavy Hitters

Courtesy of Wallace Whitkowsi at , here is a good list of more big earnings reports coming this week. As you can see, names like AAPL and TWTR are likely to steal the show, among others. Always have a specific plan for how you will manage risk in your open trades through the earnings report for a given stock you are holding. ...

25Apr3:33 pmEST

Saturday Night at Market Chess Cinemas

Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould (1993) is an excellent, under-watched and under-appreciated film about life, work, and character of the acclaimed Canadian classical pianist. Colm Feore, who would go on to television success in the coming decades, delivers a riveting performance as the aforementioned Gould.  The film is also original...

25Apr12:03 pmEST

Black Wednesday

From 1997 on the BBC, here is a good Saturday educational documentary. "Black Wednesday" refers to September 16th, 1992 when the British Conservative government was forced to withdraw the pound sterling from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) after it was unable to keep the pound above its agreed lower limit in the ERM. George Soros, in...

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