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01Aug12:49 pmEST

Operation Zika is No Game

Zika Virus is starting to hit home now even more, as the Drudgereport, for example, features the recent Florida news of ten new Zika cases in Miami.  QGEN is the main diagnostics play for Zika, as the chart recently staged a surging breakout from a base bottom. Let's watch this one back over $27.  INO and XON are two biotechs with exposure to...

01Aug10:50 amEST

From the Little Red Book to the Shiny Black Car

News of Uber to merge its China business with the local Didi in a $35 billion deal hit the wires this morning, driving home issues for the economy, markets, and the looming general election of both the global, interconnected nature of world economy we live in now, along with hints of protectionism and nationalism, to boot.  On that note, it is...

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