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16Apr10:31 amEST

War is Hell But This Market is in Purgatory

When headlines hit Friday night of President Trump's decision for "bombs away," the initial thought by many was that the market was set-up to follow-through on Friday's weakness with a sizable gap lower. Instead, as is the norm in this rangebound market, we are gapping higher and not yet fading off the open. In fact, as I write this I see that...

15Apr10:57 amEST

Weekend Overview and Analysis 04/15/18 {Video}

The following video is a brief, condensed version of the full-length Weekend Video Strategy Session which I present each weekend to members of Market Chess Subscription Services. In the longer version, I offer tons of actionable trade ideas, educational content, and in-depth objective analysis across all markets.  Please click here  for more...

15Apr10:56 amEST

Sunday Matinée at Market Chess Cinemas

Although divorce is now commonplace and widely accepted (even expected) in modern society, back in the day in Sicily it was flat-out illegal. And a film which automatically comes to mind regarding that topic is t he uproarious comedy, Divorce Italian Style  (1961), starring the great Marcello Mastroianni in his prime. The film centers around...

13Apr10:25 amEST

What Gold Bugs Need Now 04/13/18 {Video}

12Apr1:16 pmEST

It's Not a Real Rally Until Things Get a Bit Trashy

Bulls were able to absorb a few vicious body shots this week from bears and are now threatening to turn the tables on those with an ursine bias as we speak. At the moment, the Nasdaq is pushing multi-week highs and a fade attempt about an hour morphed into a larger intraday base.  Headed into the heart of the afternoon session, I am looking to...

12Apr10:47 amEST

They Love Them Some Texas Roadhouse in Dubai

If you scroll through TXRH's corporate website and hunt for International Locations , it is interesting to see that Dubai has, by a long shot, the most Texas Roadhouse franchises of any place in the world outside of America. Kuwait City is not far behind. Of course, the U.S. military presence in those places may be a factor in terms of...

11Apr3:48 pmEST

Stock Market Recap 04/11/18 {Video}

The following video is a brief, condensed version of the Stock Market Recap which I present each evening to members of Market Chess Subscription Services. In the longer version, I offer tons of actionable trade ideas, educational content, and in-depth objective analysis across all markets. If you enjoy my videos and blog posts, then  please...

11Apr3:38 pmEST

Different Types of Hawks

Despite the Fed Minutes looking soundly hawkish across the board, it is worth noting into the home stretch of today's session that Treasuries are still staying bid.  On the TLT ETF daily chart, below, as a rough proxy, note price still contending with the $121.50 area to potentially unlock a secondary relief rally from the overall corrective...

11Apr1:16 pmEST

Get off This Island

One of the first parts of the market we flagged for Members off the opening bell weakness this morning was the small cap strength in the IWM. Small caps were off far less than the senior indices seemingly from the get-go, and that divergence eventually took the Nasdaq green.  Moreover, plenty of individual tech plays, namely enterprise software...

11Apr10:40 amEST

Hardcore Moves

To continue an ongoing series of blog posts regarding a good gold proxy, recall that EZCORP, Inc., updated below on its daily timeframe, previously announced a strategic acquisition of 112 pawn stores in Latin America last October 2017. As we noted, EZCORP owns pawn shops throughout the U.S. and Mexico. More importantly for us, if you backtest...

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