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28Nov10:19 amEST

Locking in Some Fast Gains; Chess Moves

With energy stocks immediately getting pounded after my ERY purchase on Wednesday (ERY is the triple-short ETF for the energy sector), I find myself up a large percentage move in a very brief period of time. As a result, and due to the XLE gapping free and clear below its daily chart Bollinger Band (below), thus rendering it quite oversold...

26Nov2:17 pmEST

Drillers Getting Drilled; Chess Moves

With the weakness in many energy names persisting today, I went long ERY (the triple-short energy sector ETF) at $18.32. I placed 4% of my trading portfolio into this position, with a protective stop-loss below $17 if I am wrong. Energy stocks have shown relative weakness for a while now, along with crude oil. I have seen plenty of...

26Nov10:05 amEST

The Way I See it, Everybody Takes a Loss Sometimes; Chess Moves

With the resurgent strength in Facebook, I elected to cover my short position, which was 6% of my portfolio, at $76.27 from $74.09 and $73.62 entries for a loss. The short looked promising, but buyers defended the potential breakdown in the near-term. The stock is up against a 50-day moving average, however, and my be back in my short radar if...

21Nov10:08 amEST

Cutting Two Losers: Chess Moves

I sold down two losers into the market's gap higher from the overnight surprise rate cut out of China. I sold my FAZ (triple-short financials) long at $13.70 from a $14.04 entry. And I sold the SWHC long @ $9.84 from my $10.06 entry. As is my style, I keep focused on containing those losing trades, so that when I do come across big winners like...

20Nov11:57 amEST

A Holiday Squeeze of the Trigger: Chess Moves

I just placed 4% of my portfolio into a long Smith & Wesson position, at $10.06. My protective stop-loss is if the stock loses $9.80 on a closing basis. SWHC is the heavily-shorted firearms maker. There are a few reasons to be bearish about the stock, in terms of inventory gluts, potential legislative risk, and a chart which has been in a...

19Nov3:38 pmEST

Shifting from Long Commodities to Short Equities

I tried to get as much meat off the bone as I could in the commodities trades of late, with nice wins in UGAZ and partially in NUGT. But I just got stopped on the last piece of NUGT for break-even. And I took a less than 2% loss in an day-trade of crude oil long today, as it was not strong enough to carry overnight. And I also sold my AGQ...

19Nov2:58 pmEST

Time to Bully Dorks in Silicon Valley: Chess Moves

I added to my Facebook short position here at $73.62, bringing it up to a 6% trading portfolio position now. Back on Monday, I entered the trade at $74.09  in this blog post . Social media stocks have been relatively weak of late. I am pressing for further weakness. The thesis of the trade also centers around the idea that the more times...

19Nov2:00 pmEST

Locked in a Big Winner: Chess Moves

Considering I took the trade on Monday, the UGAZ win is a nice one, after scaling some profits yesterday. Earlier on Stocktwits , I posted the following message of my sale: Sold remaining 2% portfolio position in $UGAZ long @ $17.77 from $15.28 entry noted in this blog post . I also want to thank those of you who reach out to me on social...

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