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25Dec11:22 amEST

Christmas Collage

Merry Christmas! On this day in 1776, General George Washington launches a gutsy attack and crosses the Delaware River with 5,400 troops, hoping to surprise a Hessian force celebrating Christmas at their winter quarters in Trenton, New Jersey. This was a pivotal moment during the Revolutionary War, cementing Washington's legacy to make the...

24Dec12:50 pmEST

Two Ideas to Consider Before Christmas Officially Begins

A few moments before the early close today at 1pm EST, keep an eye later this week an next week on AMZN as another short setup. On the daily chart, first below, note the potential bear wedge breakdown (yellow arrows) after a bull trap or false breakout several weeks back. AMZN remains a damaged chart in a downtrend for all of 2014. And on the...

19Dec3:51 pmEST

They're Not Giving Up on the V

Another V-shaped rally back to recent highs on the S&P 500 Index, seen below on the daily chart, leaves many market players in an interesting spot as we head into the final two holiday-shortened weeks of 2014. I did not do too much swing trading this week, not only due to the overnight gaps and wild price moves in both directions but also...

19Dec3:05 pmEST

Capable of a Monstrous Squeeze Attack

I still view IMAX as an explosive short squeeze candidate to the upside, especially as we head into the big Hollywood Christmas film releases. The stock remains very heavily-shorted. And observing the technicals on the daily chart, below, if the $28.70 area below can now hold as newfound support the thesis has a chance to work. In addition,...

17Dec3:07 pmEST

Guarding the Considerable Time Fortress

Markets are initially surging higher off the Fed's latest statement, as shorts into the meeting are getting squeezed quite violently. If we do see some a reprieve from the selling into Christmas, I still think Blue Nile can outperform, seen bouncing back nicely on the daily chart, below. $37 remains the trigger above, but the low float/short...

16Dec3:37 pmEST

Advice from Jimmy Conway About the Santa Claus Rally

See you after the bell for my video market recap...

09Dec1:23 pmEST

Still Cruising for a Trip Up the Nile

Dip-buyers are making their usual stand today, with small caps leading a ferocious bounce off the morning gap down and not yet slowing down. If we do get the typical bounce or drift into year-end, I still think Blue Nile can work well as a long idea in the specialty retail space. The low float/heavily-shorted online jeweler is capable of...

28Nov11:38 amEST

Two Competitive Plays for the Holiday Shopping Season

BONT NILE are two laggard retail plays  which could easily see more of a bid into Christmas. With Black Friday upon us, both stocks are acting well today. BONT is a beaten-down chart and trying to move up off the "right side" of a long, potential base bottom. And NILE is still potentially bull-flagging under well-defined $37 resistance. Keep an...

27Nov5:14 pmEST

Accompaniments to Your Thanksgiving Dinner

First, here is some relaxing music to have on with your Thanksgiving dinner. In addition, here is a great graphic from Deadspin  with every state's most distinct Thanksgiving dish. I will be back later tonight with commentary on the swoon in crude oil futures. Enjoy yourselves!

27Nov9:29 amEST

Turkey Talk

Happy Thanksgiving morning! Putting politics to one side, here was an interesting radio bit that Michael Savage did on how to prepare the Thanksgiving turkey, as well as other food talk for this Festivus day of feasting.

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