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20Nov4:38 pmEST

Stock Market Recap 11/20/14 {Video}

Direct Vimeo Link Click Here

20Nov3:39 pmEST

Friendly Reminder to Avoid Margin Clerks

If you will notice, this website focuses on downside risk to any trades taken. Traders are in the business of losing, in some respects. And it comes down to how well you handle the inevitable losses. I play great defense, run the football, and take an occasional shot down the field at the big play, instead of looking to win a shoot-out with no...

20Nov2:21 pmEST

Let's Get a Handle on This Wintry Weather

After selling UGAZ (triple-long natural gas ETF) yesterday for a nice win, I am back to stalking natty for another long entry based on the straight-up UNG ETF chart, seen below on the 30-minute timeframe. As you can see, natty is forming what can be deemed a bullish cup and handle chart pattern, with the rally to the highs earlier this month,...

20Nov1:24 pmEST

IPO Act Two: Back in the Habit

The Habit Restaurants IPO today is certainly stealing action away from recent IPO's, which are notably lagging (GPRO LOCO MBLY). On the intraday chart, a move over $36.60 this afternoon would likely see another surge into the bell, for quick traders. _________________________________

20Nov11:57 amEST

A Holiday Squeeze of the Trigger: Chess Moves

I just placed 4% of my portfolio into a long Smith & Wesson position, at $10.06. My protective stop-loss is if the stock loses $9.80 on a closing basis. SWHC is the heavily-shorted firearms maker. There are a few reasons to be bearish about the stock, in terms of inventory gluts, potential legislative risk, and a chart which has been in a...

20Nov11:04 amEST

Throwing the Ball Around

It looks like bears and bulls played another game of "catch" again off the open this morning, with the weakness being bought up and the initiative essentially thrown from bears to bulls. That said, the S&P 500 Index is back up to the 2,052 area where it found minor resistance yesterday. So, I am looking to see if we see another bout of selling...

20Nov8:40 amEST

Autumn Leaves

With temperatures already feeling like winter, I had better sneak this post in before autumn is officially over. Here are a few great versions of Autumn Leaves.

20Nov12:58 amEST

Late Night Strategy for Thursday

With the weak reaction to the Fed Minutes on Wednesday, I am now interested again in shorting bonds. Looking at the TLT ETF for Treasuries, below on the daily timeframe, I am going to likely play inverse ETF's TBT and/or TMV if TLT loses $118 below--You can see the well-defined base for a potential breakdown with more selling. I would also...


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